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Chlorine Injection for Iron & Sulfur Bacteria

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Item Number: CI-IB
Price: $1,075.00
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The CI-IB system injects liquid chlorine directly into your water supply to resolve iron and sulfur bacteria contamination problems. The system includes the new Stenner STS combination peristaltic chemical feed pump and solution storage tank - now in either 15 or 30 gallon tank size. The pump is connected to the included in-line static mixer for improved mixing of the chlorine solution into your water. The system's 80 gallon retention tank insures that your water has sufficient contact time with the chlorine to destroy the contaminants. Either standard household bleach or the more concentrated commercially available liquid chlorine solution can be used as your chemical feed.

You may want to remove the chlorine from your water that is added by this process - consider adding an automatic backwashing carbon filter to your design. A carbon filter also removes any sediment formed in the chlorination process down to 20 microns automatically - Visit our Filters to view this product. A typical size for this application is a 1.5 cubic foot unit.

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For a diagram view of the complete chemical injection system, visit the Chemical Feed Systems Information page.

STS System - The Stenner STS package includes a variable speed chemical injection pump mounted directly onto the solution storage tank. Convenient & safe chemical injection in a compact design. The peristaltic design of the pump ensures that there is no contact with the injection solution and pump components - provides years of trouble-free and quiet operation. Included!

Retention Tank - The 80 gallon retention tank included in the package provides the contact time required for the injected chlorine to effectively remove the iron or sulfur bacteria. Supplied with a drain port to allow periodic cleaning of the tank. Included!

Static Mixer - A static mixer provides effective mixing of the chlorine solution with your water. A pipe shaped device, with threaded ends and internal baffles, uses rugged PVC construction - suitable for flow rates up to 18 GPM - and with 50% reduced pressure drop (larger flow static mixers are available - please call or email for details). A convenient threaded port in the side of the mixer allows for easy connection of the STS injection system to your water supply. Included!

Free Shipping - All standard CAI Technologies products are shipped direct to your door at no additional charge. Included!

Comprehensive Customer Service & Support - Free Lifetime Technical Support, 24 Hour - 7 Day Toll Free Technical Service, 30 Day "In Service" Return Policy, 120 Day Product Return Policy, Advance Replacement Service, Full Warranty Service & Manufacturer Warranty Coverage, Multiple Warehouse Locations & Long Established Business. Visit our Online Store Details page for more information.


Our chemical injection systems are configured with many upgraded features, but you can add additional options as described below.

Well Pump Voltage - The STS operates only when your well pump is running, and is available in either 110 or 220 voltage (please specify your existing well pump voltage when ordering). Free!

30 Gallon Storage Tank - The STS system is available with a 30 gallon solution storage tank. The standard 15 gallon tank is sufficient for most applications - the larger 30 gallon tank can be convenient in applications where a higher pump rate is required.


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