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pH Neutralizer Systems:

pH neutral water should be within the 7.0 to 7.8 range. The easiest and most common way to resolve low pH problems is with the use of an Automatic Backwashing Neutralizer system. A backwashing neutralizer contains calcite (calcium carbonate) and/or Corosex (magnesium oxide) that slowly dissolves into your water to correct pH. Standard calcite is typically used for most applications as a mild neutralizing agent. Corosex is a stronger neutralizing media, and used as a blend with calcite for applications with a very low pH or high TDS (total dissolved solids). For applications with extremely high TDS, a chemical injection system can be used to inject soda ash solution into water to correct low pH.

Selecting the correct type of neutralizer for your specific application is very important. Generally, a mild acid backwashing neutralizer containing calcite media can be used for most applications with water pH in the range 6.4 and above and a TDS of less than 150. Strong Acid Neutralizers with a 5:1 calcite/Corosex mix are used in lower pH or high TDS conditions. We might recommend a higher calcite/Corosex mix ratio for some applications. One thing to remember is that a backwashing neutralizer adds approximately 4 to 5 grains per gallon of hardness to your water. In some cases our customers install a Water Softener downstream of a backwashing neutralizer to remove any hardness from their water.

You may want to consider a Chemical Injection System if your water contains a very high TDS level. This is because with an already large amount of dissolved solids contained in your water, it may not be possible for standard calcite or Corosex media to have sufficient contact time to neutralize your pH. In this case a soda ash solution chemical injection system is recommended. A soda ash injection system does not add any additional hardness to your water.

If you are not sure of the best neutralizer system for your application, please email the factory for our recommendation.

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